FOSS Mascots 01

This was sitting in the Rule 34 to-do folder for a while~

I don’t know if I’m going to continue stuff like this, but it was very fun (and funny) to draw this kind of stuff. Hehehe. I’m a huge fan of GNU/Linux, and I’m also a Free Software advocate!

There are at least 15 Linux jokes and puns in there.
Will you be able to spot them all? Haha.

Konqi is Copyright Tyson Tan and the KDE community.
Wilbur is Copyright Tuomas Kuosmanen and the GIMP Team.
Buggie is Copyright Dave Shea and the Mozilla Foundation.

Masa And Mune

This is Masa and Mune from Chrono Trigger. Masa is on the left, and Mune is on the right~

The thing is, I tried to draw this without shading, but it looked terrible without it, so this is pretty much the rare time I will use basic shading!

Yeah, I played through all of Chrono Trigger a few months ago, and this artwork is my utmost dedication to them, in the sexiest way possible, too! Because I just love these characters a lot! :3