GIMP Tips: Change Legacy To Default!

Do you use GIMP, do you have legacy layers?

New layers effects (up to 37 of them!) were introduced in GIMP version 2.10, along with other features introduced before like non-destructive editing, different color profiles, etc… Making them a lot more competitive with Photoshop over time.

Anyway, I had a lot of layers in GIMP that were on the legacy layer, and I switched them to default (new). Since I am Mr. OCD Man, I had to go through my library of XCF (GIMP source) files, and switch all layers from legacy to the new one.

I have to give credit where credit is due! The fine person who helped out my problem is on the GIMP Chat forums. I won’t mention him by name here, because I don’t want his name to be indexed here. Keep in mind this community is non-fur, so please be respectful~

Link here:

If you don’t have gimp-python installed, install it now, otherwise you will only have Script-Fu, which is this shitty Scheme scripting implementation that uses TinyScheme, and over 7 lines of code just to make a loop. Oh, sorry… a “named let” loop. XD

Let’s just say I have a huge preference for Python. Sorry, Lisp/Scheme nerds.

How you use a Python-Fu script: Go to Filters > Python-Fu > Console

Type this in….

def process(parent):
    for layerOrGroup in parent.layers:
        if isinstance(layerOrGroup,gimp.GroupLayer):


….Press enter twice, and you’re off to the races!
Now I can solve my OCD problems without doing it manually! Yuck. }3